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Access control


Giving your best smile, you welcome the various participants as they arrive at in the resort and on the competition site. Each person must have an accreditation to access the facilitie. Your role is to check their identity and issue them with their accreditation.
You are an information point and will have to inform the providers, volunteers and the public about the program of the event.

You control access to the finish area, the start and the trackside. Placed at different control points, you must check the tickets of the public and the accreditations of the members of the organization, journalists and athletes. You refuse access to the site to unauthorized persons. You watch the public and check that no person or animal tries to access the track; that spectators are not stuck to the safety nets, that there is no incident in the middle of the crowd and no projectile thrown on the track.

During the week before the competition, you help to set up the arrival and departure racket. You install the barricades, the visuals, the tents and may be required to clear snow in case of snowfall. You are present throughout the event as well as for the dismantling.

Catering & service

You set up the refreshment points for the teams working on the track or the refreshment stands for the public. You will prepare hot drinks that you will then serve, you will also present some small snacks (chocolate bar, fruit, cakes) and sandwiches. You will be required to help the caterer in charge of the hot meals prepared for the teams' lunches (smoothers, coaches, members of the organization, VIPs...). You are attentive to the cleanliness of the spaces that will be entrusted to you.



You check that the cars are parked correctly and indicate to the visitors the waiting point to take the organization's shuttle to the competition site. Once the vehicles are parked, you will help manage the flow of spectators around the competition site. Under the responsibility of the head of transport, you will drive a minibus and transport VIPs, members of the organization, journalists, teams. License required and safe driving requested.