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Coming to Chamonix World Cup

Use the public transportation services, it is better by train or bus !

Take the train or bus to reach the competition site.

We increase the frequency of buses and trains and put a shuttle service in place to reach the competition site from the car parks.

Download the special transport map

We advise you to use the public transportation services. 

Coming to Chamonix, les Houches


Direct access via Autoroute Blanche linked to the European motorway network. 16km from Switzerland via Col des Montets. 13km from Italy via Tunnel du Mont-Blanc. (Road info +33 (0)4 50 53 05 51).
Cars are not allowed in the town centre of Les Houches between Saint-Antoine and Prarion (except for authorized vehicles).

Thanks to the free Kandahar shuttles, come and attend to Chamonix Ski World Cup without worrying about anything else. 

ATMB and Chamonix World Cup do the most to encourage you to take the public transport. From Bonneville till Le Fayet, free shuttles will take you directly to Les Houches !

The event will create a lot of traffic and the organisation wants to put measures in place to reduce the impact and make the access to Les Houches more fluid. In an eco-friendly perspective and in order to help and accompany the organisation on eco-mobility questions, ATMB -Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mont Blanc- joins Chamonix World Cup and finance the shuttles whoch will bring the spectators.

Special coaches from Bonneville, Cluses, Sallanches, Domancy and le Fayet will allow spectators to reach the competition site in les Houches without using their car. Free access via the button below. 


  Bus 1 Bus 2 Bus 3
Bonneville Gare 08:15    
Bonneville Parking des Bordets 08:30    
Cluses  Place des Allobroges 08:35    
Cluses  Parking Autoport 08:40    
Sallanches  Parking Carrefour   08:30  
Sallanches  Place Charles Albert   08:40  
Saint Gervais Parking Intermarché     08:45
Saint Gervais Gare du Fayet     08:55
LES HOUCHES 09:20 09:20 09:20


  Bus 1 Bus 2 Bus 3
LES HOUCHES 15:30 15:30 15:30
Saint Gervais Gare du Fayet 15:55 15:55 15:55
Saint Gervais Parking Intermarché 16:05 16:05 16:05
Sallanches Place Charles Albert 16:20 16:20 16:20
Sallanches Parking Carrefour 16:35 16:35 16:35
Cluses Parking Autoport 17:00 17:00 17:00
Cluses Place des Allobroges 17:05 17:05 17:05
Bonneville Parking des Bordets 17:20 17:20 17:20
Bonneville Gare 17:25 17:25 17:25

Billetterie Weezevent



- Genève-Cointrin international airport (88 km). T. +41 (0)22 717 71 11. Daily connection by bus. 
- Lyon/Saint-Exupéry international airport (220 km). T. +33 (0)4 72 22 72 21
- Annecy-Meytet airport (90 km). T. +33 (0)4 50 27 30 06.


From Geneva Airport 

Daily connection from Geneva to most of the ski resorts of Pays du Mont-Blanc.
More info at the bus station of Chamonix Sud or :


Well-known for its flexbility, liability and friendliness, Mountain Drop-Offs offers private or shared transports. 
By using their minibuses between Geneva Airport and Chamonix for Chamonix World Cup, you choose a more eco-friendly way favoring public transport.

Their drivers take care of you from your arrival at Geneva airport until your accomodation in the Vallée de Chamonix. Their flexibility is essential, that's why you can book your seats 24/7 on their website .

To attend the events

Bus from Chamonix

• Line 1 until Bellevue stop (competition site) or Prarion in Les Houches. Reinforced line for the event.
• Line 15 until Bellevue stop (competition site) or Prarion in Les Houches.

Bus from Argentière

• Line 2 until Chamonix then line 1 or 15.

Bus from Les Houches

• Line 16 until Bellevue stop (competition site) or Prarion in Les Houches. Reinforced line for the event.

Visit Montblanc Bus website


From train stations in Haute-Savoie.

Train station in the resort. Line St Gervais/Le Fayet-Vallorcine. Connection with TGV in Annecy. (Information T. +33 (0)8 92 35 35 35).

From Argentière or Le Fayet / Pays du Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc Express until Les Houches train station then line 16 until Bellevue stop (competition site) or Prarion in Les Houches. Reinforced line for the event.
Saint Gervais les Bains le Fayet departure :
08h08 arrival in LES HOUCHES 08h36.
08h28 Additionnal train . Arrival in LES HOUCHES 08h53. Stops in Chedde 08h33 / Servoz 8h42 / Vaudagne 08h47 / Viaduc Ste Marie 08h51.

Way back from Les Houches:
17h32 arrival in St Gervais 17h57

See the timetables of Mont Blanc Express

Visit SNCF website (trains)

Visit Mont Blanc Express website


PARKING FORBIDDEN throughout Les Houches (Georgeanne - Les Chavants).
Bellevue car park closed on January 30th and 31st.

Spectator car park

• P2 : Route blanche (conveyance by bus) : all cars must be leave the road before 4 pm.
• P3 : Total gas station for coaches (conveyance by bus)
• P4 : Gravières (conveyance by bus)
• P5 : Prarion car park (open to everyone until full capacity and closure)

Skiers and organisation car park

• P1 : Bellevue (teams)
• P5 : Prarion car park
• P6 : Les Trabets

VIP car park

• P7 : Le Syphon
• P8 : Plaine Saint Jean

Pleas respect parking rules to make clearing of snow easier. 



You must put your sticker on your windshield to drive through Les Houches between Saint-Antoine and Les Chavants, in both ways.


PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL (principal or secondary resident)
PROFESSIONNAL (host, customer, employee, delivery driver,...)

Demand one on or or pick it up at the tourist office or city hall of Les Houches.
You will need your car registration document and a proof of address of less than 3 months.

IMPORTANT : Without the sticker, you won't be able to access or leave your housing or workplace. The filtering is on from 8 am to 4pm both days.

• STICKER M : Complete way through Les Houches until Maisonneuve, except the lower part of les Trabets. 
• STICKER C : Way through from Saint-Antoine until Bellevue. (Centre)
• STICKER T : Way through from Saint-Antoine until the lower part of les Trabets.

Be careful, it won't be possible to drive up from les Trabets. 
NB : If you don't have one, you can still get one on the car park of the gas station TOTAL (P3) on the days of the event.